Bénédict Pill - Present Simple Positive

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    Complete the following sentences using the correct verb in its positive form:

      Word Bank

        go - eat - sleep - buy - run - drink - wash - use - jump – dance

      EX:           - Pedro _______  football.

                       - Pedro plays football.

1. They ___________ to school from Monday to Friday.

2. Marc ____________ food at the supermarket.

3. I _____________ hamburgers with my family.

4. When my kids go to a party, they __________ late.

5. There are a lot of dirty dishes. You have to _____________ them all.

6. My sister always ____________ my clothes.

7. I love to ______________ juice in the mornings.

8. Her rabbit ______________ from one place to another.

9. My father __________ marathons every year.

10. We __________ at the disco.


Don't forget there are some special cases when using he, she it or a name

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*This quiz is not a placement test, nor does it accurately represent your current English level.

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Bénédict Pill - Present Simple Positive